James Caton at Santa Fe by Brent Schneeman I am an associate professor in the Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics at North Dakota State University and am affiliated with the Center for the Study of Public Choice and Private Enterprise. I write for the American Institute for Economic Research where I regularly contribute to the Sound Money Project which is dedicated to the investigation and promotion of sound money and its application in society.

I attended George Mason University, earning Ph.D. in economics in 2017. My current work focuses on the relationship between knowledge, entrepreneurship, and institutions. I have been recipient of the F. A. Hayek Fellowship from Mercatus, the I.H.S. Humane Studies Fellowship, and their Summer Research Fellowship. I hold an M.A. in Economics from San Jose State University where I was a participant in the Student Faculty Partnership and received the Award for Excellence in Economics. I have co-edited Macroeconomics, a 2 volume set which is a collection of essays and primary sources that represent the core of macroeconomic thought. I have also published articles in the Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, Review of Austrian Economics and Advances in Austrian Economics and published book reviews for EH.net, The Independent Review, The Journal of Markets and Morality and History: Review of New Books.

Photo by Brent Schneeman